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The Skill of Tying Knots

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Knots are the tools for using rope and learning to tie knots is considered to be a very handy skill. Rope was one of man’s earliest tools. Rope making is a universal skill known by all civilizations. Primitive people twisted strips of hide, sinew, hair, vines, and plant fibers into rope. Knots have not changed much over the years as objects are tied much as they were thousands of years ago. Different types of knots have different functions such as stopper knots, tying bends (a knot to join the ends of two ropes), and binding knots.

If you’d like to give knot tying a try, you may find the photos of our “All Tied Up” knot boards to be helpful! There are also many helpful websites to assist you in learning the skill of tying knots. Here is a website we found to be quite informative:
If you prefer to learn from a book, The Handy Book of Knots by Randy Penn has wonderful illustrations and written instructions on the right knot for any job! Remember it takes practice but with some repetition, you will find your way to learning a new skill!

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