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Doughbox Bakery - Specialty Baked Goods & Seasonal Items

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Bakery Specials

Seasonal Baked Goods and Specials Specials at our Doughbox Bakery often vary by the season.

Current Seasonal Options:

Easter Frosted CookiesCelebrate Easter Season with a sweet treat. Try the decorated egg cookies or spring flower frosted cookies. Order early!   

Stop by the bakery to check out the other Easter or Spring goodies.

Holidays/Winter - Bakery Specials
During the Christmas season, the Doughbox Bakery shelves are stocked with decorated cut-out sugar cookies — and you can even buy undecorated cookies to decorate in your own home!
  • Pumpkin & Pecan Praline Pie - Order early for the holiday!
  • Cut-out Butter Cookies - available in November and December
  • Frosted Bundt Tea Cakes
  • Personalized Cookies for Valentine's Day

Check Out the Holiday Baked Goods Flyer for party and gift ideas.


Celebrate Valentine's Day with a sweet treat, try a custom heart cookie or cookie cake. Order early!    

Spring/Summer - Bakery Specials
Celebrate Mom with a custom cookie or order her favorite pie or Angel Food Cake. For Teacher Appreciation week give a sweet treat to your favorite teacher. 

Pick up a strawberry pie while it is in season this summer, one of our most popular pies. Try our cut-out frosted butter cookies - always a fun shape to choose from, like flowers for the summer.

Fall - Bakery Specials
pumpkin cookies fall specialWith the aroma of apples and spices in the air, guests can enjoy the goodness of the fall season as the Doughbox Bakery. Specials to look for this fall: 

  • Apple Fritters
  • Apple Dumplings - Every Friday & Saturday in October
  • Pumpkin Cookies & Bars - October & November
  • Pumpkin & Pecan Praline Pie - Order early for the holidays!

Doughbox Bakery Pies
cookie tray - large

NOTICE! Parking Lot Construction!

On the east side of the Doughbox Bakery, the parking entrance and the parking lot will be under construction. The parking lot and entrance west of the Doughbox is open.


BBQ Take-out

Devour our BBQ take-out meal! Mouth-watering goodness!

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