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2020 Rug Hooking Week CANCELED 
 August 11 - 15

Overhead view of Rug Hooking Week

Pre-register and submit your rugs for the exhibit and receive…

“Complimentary Admission”

Wednesday – Saturday to Rug Hooking Week’s Exhibit & Vendors at Founder's Hall plus the Historic Village as a “Thank You!”
(Pick-up your admission pass at Founder’s Hall)

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce we are canceling all Rug Hooking Week 2020 activities at Sauder Village. As the largest rug hooking event in the country, there were many aspects to consider, guidelines and restrictions to follow, & safety implications. Safety being our #1 priority for the thousands of teachers, vendors, exhibitors, students, volunteers, staff & the general public who participate and come from 30-40 states, Canada, and other countries. 

Students --- If you pre-registered for classes, we are sending you an email with cancellation info & instructions. Please read it carefully and email your reply by July 1st.

Heritage Inn and Campground Reservations --- All lodging reservations for Rug Hooking week have been canceled. You do not need to contact the Heritage Inn. 
If you have lodging reservations at other hotels, please contact them directly.

Rug Registration --- Thank you to everyone who had already registered your work for this year’s exhibit, we hope you will participate in the 2021 exhibit. 

Group Exhibits --- We will soon contact all 2020 Group Exhibit coordinators with 2021 updates. 

Celebration Exhibit --- We will soon contact each Celebration 30 finalist & honorable mention with 2021 updates. 

Shopping --- You can still shop for supplies online from each of our Retreat & Workshop Teachers plus Vendors

Volunteers --- Thank you to each of you who volunteered to work at RHW 2020, we hope you will join us as a Volunteer next year.

Canceling the largest rug hooking event in the country is a huge undertaking. Thank you in advance, for your patience as we process these cancellations. So that we are not inundated with calls & emails, we will be posting more info & updates here on our Facebook page, be sure to tell your friends & groups to “LIKE” our page to receive that info. We are also working very hard to reschedule many of this year’s classes, exhibits, & activities.
Support Sauder Village
-- For the last 23 years, Sauder Village has been one of the largest supporters of our textile art. Rug Hooking Week not only features and supports rug hooking but also other textile arts such as braiding, punch hooking, needle punch, wool appliqué, and many other techniques. Did you know that Rug Hooking Week is not only the largest rug hooking event in the U.S and Canada, but it is the largest event at Sauder Village. 

Each year, the Sauder Village staff and volunteers go above and beyond to make Rug Hooking Week an outstanding opportunity for artists of all levels to gather, network, learn, share, and enjoy their art and friendships - in an inclusive and supportive environment. This can be seen in the each component… 1) Exhibit - held in the beautiful and well-lit Founder’s Hall where 500-800 pieces are hung in art gallery style along with extensive and informative signage. 2) Classes- where outstanding teachers coach and demonstrate new and diverse techniques, encourage creativity, and help students to build skills and develop confidence. 3) Supplies - artists can gather the supplies they need and want, stay on the cutting edge of new products, get “how to” input from the makers themselves, and enjoy the diversity and abundance of choices from our vendors. 

It is times like this where you can show your appreciation and support of Sauder Village, and ensure that this event goes on for years to come. As a 501c3 public charity, Sauder Village’s mission relies on the generous donations of people like us who want to help preserve this special place. This organization is being hard hit by the pandemic and your support, would have a meaningful impact. 

I have personally chosen to make a significant donation to Sauder Village this year. Will you consider joining me by donating to Sauder Village? 

Thank you,

Kathy Wright, RHW Director


Moving Forward --- We want to assure you that we have already begun work to reschedule as many of the classes, exhibits and vendors as possible, for either August 16 - 21, 2021 or August 15 - 20, 2022. Also, be sure to “LIKE” our Facebook Page, we will soon be posting info & photos to help ease the pain of missing this year’s event. Plus, we have some fun surprises for you, as well as 2021 sneak peaks! 

We hope that you & yours are safe and well. We will miss you this August, along with all the creative art you have created in these challenging times. We look forward to 2021! 

Best Wishes to all! 

Kathy Wright, Show Director and the entire Team at Sauder Village

Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village

Rug Hooking Week is an annual gathering of thousands or artists and visitors to view our gallery style exhibit which has featured 500 to over 800 pieces, plus more than 200 pieces displayed by our vendors.  We’re the largest annual rug hooking event in the United States & Canada.  This year we are offering over 30 classes (Retreats – 3 & 4 days & Workshops from evening to 2 day) taught by outstanding teachers from around the country & Canada in a wide variety of topics, techniques, and skill levels. Come join us & network with fellow artists from more than 40 states, Canada, and internationally too in the beautiful setting of a historic village.

 This quote by Ossie Davis, pretty much sums up this year’s Feature & Special Exhibit focus: “Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change – it can not only move us, it makes us move.” Art & Power are a compelling combination, here are this year’s Feature & Special Exhibits:

Stunning paintings & illustrations transformed into amazing textile artwork, distinctive locations captured in fiber essence, passionate artists & their favorite mediums, & the pride & celebration of the Women’s Right to Vote, & the roaring 1920s documented in hooked art --- it’s all outstanding textile art & it’s powerful! Even some of this year’s Group Exhibits touch on these topics. We think you will be amazed at the use of design, color, & techniques, as well as the artist’s storytelling talents. More info is on our Exhibit page, simply click on the exhibit category. Please note: The Women’s Vote Centennial Exhibit is an Invitational Exhibit this year --- we invite you to participate.

Everyone is invited to submit rugs to our Main Exhibit category. In addition to hooked rugs, our mixed media category includes: multi-dimensional pieces, furniture (footstools, chairs, etc.), wool applique, proddy, quilling/standing wool, ruching, shearing, punch hooking, punch needle, wool felting, and braiding mediums too. In addition, we gather exquisite Feature & Special Exhibits – contemporary & historic, the exclusive award winning Celebration Exhibit, the NEW Spotlight Exhibits and Group Exhibits.

Vendors at Rug Hooking WeekOur vendors are carefully selected from all over the country & Canada. They offer a wide variety of rug hooking supplies, equipment and fun related goodies.

Besides, rug hooking….Did you know that we offer awards, classes, exhibits & vendors in other textile art mediums, such as: braiding, proddy, punch needle, quilling/standing wool, wool applique, etc.

Each year, your favorite vendors will be joined by a group of NEW vendors, so shopping will be fun & exciting!

Once you arrive, everything is in walking distance. A full schedule of events is here on our website & posted in the Heritage Inn & Founder’s Hall…so you don’t miss a thing…. like Book Signings, Hook-In, Show & Tell, etc. Come a day early or stay an extra day to visit the wonderful Historic Village & Craftsman…. not to be missed!

If you sign up for the Rug Hooking Week mailing list & Facebook page you will receive periodic updates & photos in the coming months.

Planning to attend as a group or bus trip, be sure to contact Sauder Village Group Sales well in advance to help with your planning, lodging, meals & discounts by calling 800-590-9755.


Retreat and Workshop information began January 15, 2020.

For additional information concerning the registration process:
Retreat and Workshop Registration Information


For Teaching, Vending, book signings & exhibits: contact Kathy Wright at or 513-757-4144.
For Retreat and Workshop information and availability: contact Deb Ridgway at or 800-590-9755.

Award Winners

Each year during Rug Hooking Week awards are presented for the Sauder Award and People's Choice.
Follow this link for details: Rug Hooking Week Awards

Event Overview & Information

Dates & Hours:

Exhibit & Vendors:  Wednesday – Saturday, August 12 - 15, 2020, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Retreats and Workshops: 
Tuesday – Saturday, August 11 - 15, 2020


Tickets into just the Exhibit & Vendors (for the day) - $12.00  (Must be purchased in Founder's Hall where exhibit is located.)

Tickets into the Exhibit & Vendors and entire Historic Village (for the day) ... Adults - $20.00 , Students (6-16) - $14.00 (Senior, Military and AAA discounts apply)


Want some help organizing your group’s visit to Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village? Does your group have a project, challenge, or collection of rugs that you would like to submit to the exhibit? Would your group like to send a representative(s) or flyers?  Contact Kathy Wright, Director of Rug Hooking Week to help you plan a great trip. Call: (513) 757-4144 or email:

If you already have a group of 20 or more coming to Rug Hooking Week and want to inquire about group rates, contact our Group Sales staff at 419.446.2541 or 800.590.9755, ext. 3104. Or email at


RETREAT REGISTRATIONfor 2020 Rug Hooking Week.

WORKSHOP REGISTRATIONfor 2020 Rug Hooking Week

For more details about registering follow this link: 
Retreat & Workshop Registration Information

For more details and descriptions about each Retreat & Workshop or Gallery Talk:
Workshops and Gallery Talks

Rug registration for the exhibition will begin on Thursday, February 10, 2020 at 12 p.m. EST

Everyone is welcome to submit rugs to the Main Exhibit, follow this link or more details on this year's Rug Hooking Exhibit Registration :
2020 Rug Hooking Exhibit Registration Information


Sauder Village is honored to host this exciting annual rug hooking event, and appreciates your support and participation to ensure the continuation and celebration of this traditional art form.
Follow this link to explore more about Historic Sauder Village.

For over 40 years, Sauder Village has offered guests experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity, and fun. Our living history museum preserves the stories of the past and features artisans of traditional American crafts, making Sauder Village an ideal venue for a week of rug hooking activity. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Sauder Village relies on support from admissions, retail sales, and donations to sustain the mission, as well as the attendance and involvement of our members and volunteers. 

Event Highlights

Rug Hooking Week Retreat


Two, three or four day retreats with creative, note-worthy instructors.

Rug Hooking Week Workshops


A variety of great workshops... there is something for everyone!

Rug Hooking Week Exhibit


An exceptional display of hooked pieces. Pre-register your rugs for display in the show.