About Sauder Village

In 1976, Erie Sauder passionately built a living-history village to serve as a constant reminder of the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of Ohio’s ancestors. He was committed to creating an experience that would teach others about the history and values that shaped Northwest Ohio, and inspire his guests, especially students, to leave their own mark on the world.

The result of this vision is Sauder Village, a 235-acre complex that brings history to life. Authentic demonstrations and buildings, talented artisans and engaging programs make history relevant for adults and children in a wholesome, fun, and family-friendly environment. Today, Sauder Village positively impacts nearly 100,000 guests each year along with its more than 1,000 employees and volunteers.

You never forget the sights, sounds and memories experience at Sauder Village, where you can slow down, spend quality time together and enjoy fun with a purpose.