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About Sauder Village

"Let us never forget” was a statement that Erie Sauder, founder of Sauder Village, shared many times.  He said these words because he recognized the need for people of all ages to understand and “never forget” where we came from and who we are.

In 1976, Erie passionately built a living history village to serve as a constant reminder of the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of Ohio’s ancestors…so that we “never forget”.  He was committed to creating an experience to honor the history and values that shaped our country.  More importantly, Erie wanted to inspire his guests, especially students, to leave their own mark on the world. 

The Sauder Village experience moves us from the modern, fast-paced life into a world that celebrates unforgettable sights, sounds, and memories from the past.  There’s no better place to unplug, slow down, and spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying fun with a purpose. 

As generations move beyond the memory, the stories and activities of the past could be lost forever if not preserved for future generations. Today, Sauder Village is more than one man’s vision.  It is a thriving reality as Ohio’s largest living history destination, positively impacting guests from throughout the region and across the country.

• The 235-acre Sauder Village complex includes:
- Living History farm and craft village preserving more than 75 historic structures and nearly 50,000 artifacts
- 98-room Sauder Heritage Inn
- 87-site Sauder Village Campground
- 350-seat Barn Restaurant
- Doughbox Bakery
- Banquet seating for 750 in Founders Hall

• Over 330,000 guests visit Sauder Village complex annually, including 52,000 overnight lodging guests

• 400 paid full-time, part-time and seasonal staff are employed at Sauder Village

• 300 adult and 100 youth volunteers share their time and talents each year at Sauder  Village

• 18,000 school children from more than 300 schools and youth organizations from throughout the tri-state region are welcomed each season in the Historic Village. Educational programs, curriculum content standards, and STEAM based learning are offered to students in an historical setting.

• Proceeds from retail and hospitality areas contribute financial support for the Historic Village mission, a 501c3 public charity.

Cabin Little Pioneers Homestead
Brush Creek Pottery