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East Side of Main Street Opening June 24

When the Historic Village opens on Wednesday June 24 guests will have an opportunity to visit the 1920s Main Street at Sauder Village. This one-of-a-kind project replicates a portion of a 1920s Main Street typical to Northwest Ohio. Guests visiting early this summer will be among the first to explore buildings on the east side of Main Street including the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Schuck Jewelry Store, Stotzer Hardware, Ohio Farm Bureau Office, and the Livery.

Work continues on the west side of the 1920s Main Street. Stay tuned for updates!


April Aerial View of Main Street

We are pleased to share that the new 1920s Main Street construction is moving along as planned. Here is a sneak peak of the progress made over the winter. We are excited to start sharing stories & activities of this important period in our history


Behind The Scenes - Sewing for Sauder Village


Seamstresses Brave Elements to Sew for Sauder Village
A group of volunteer seamstresses from around Northwest Ohio came together last weekend to donate their sewing expertise and time to recreate authentic 1920s historical clothing for the opening of the Main Street at Sauder Village coming summer 2020. At the workshop the seamstresses worked on creating authentic 1920s day dresses, women’s jodhpurs, wool bathing suits, cloche hats, men’s vests, flat caps, bow ties, and neck ties primarily for the Dry Goods clothing store. More volunteer sewing workshops will be held throughout the spring season to prepare both the 1920s Main Street stores and the interpretive staff. Our aim is to dazzle guests with the bold styles of this decadent era as they immerse themselves in the past, now just 100 years ago.

The next Seamstress Workshop will be February 21st, 22nd, and 24th from 10 am to 5 pm. Please contact Alex Hutchings by email at or by phone 419-446-2541 ext. 3043 if you are a seamstress and would like to help!


December Video - Aerial View!

An Amazing Aerial View!
With the cold weather we've been busy working on the interiors of some of our 1920s Main Street buildings.  However, we do have a new aerial video that shows an amazing view of our new Main Street. We hope you enjoy this bird's eye view of this exciting new project!  



Celebrating Christmas at our 1920s Main Street!

Main Street Comes to Life at New Tree Lighting Event!
More than 900 people enjoyed a memorable Christmas event in late November at our 1920s Main Street! At 6:30 p.m. guests gathered near the Bandstand and Depot as carolers sang Silent Night and the Christmas tree was lit for the first time. Throughout the evening, the 1920s Main Street was buzzing with activity as families visited the reindeer (cows) at the Livery, grabbed some hot cocoa and popcorn at the Auto Dealership and enjoyed carolers singing along the street. Children made a craft in the District 16 School, mailed a letter to Santa in the Depot and took an evening train ride with Old Saint Nick. Guests were excited to see the progress being made at the new 1920s Main Street Community as they peered in the windows of the hardware store, bank and jewelry store. It was a magical evening that is sure to become a new Christmas tradition for families throughout the region! 


Main Street Construction Update

Project Update - Mid-September 2019
It’s been a busy summer at our 1920s construction site. The exterior work on all buildings is nearly complete and contractors are now working on the interiors of the buildings on the east side of Main Street. The work crew is busy painting, installing flooring and ceiling tiles. Plans call for pavers to be installed on the road in early November. Here is an aerial view from mid-September. Enjoy!


Auto Garage & Dealership

2019-08-07 020   780

Project Update - Mid-August 2019

We were pleased to open our 1920 Auto Garage & Dealership early in August with a preview for our members!  This new area at our 1920s Main Street is now open and ready for guests to enjoy! 

As guests enter the Auto Dealership they’ll be immersed in a car dealership of days-gone-by. With a 1926 Model T Ford in the showroom, a table and chairs where sales took place, and an office complete with telephone and typewriter . . . guests visiting the dealership will learn about the transition from horses to automobiles and how America’s new love for the automobile had an impact on society.

Adjacent to the auto dealership is an Auto Garage complete with an old-time gas pump, antique car, and a service shop full of car parts, batteries, tools, oil and other unique artifacts to help bring the history of this time period to life!

Plan a visit yet this fall to take a step back in time and enjoy this new addition to Sauder Village!


2019-08-07 012    780
2019-08-07 001    780

Main Street Construction Update

Project Update - Late July 2019
It’s so exciting to see our 1920s Main Street project coming together! Recent updates include the addition of 4 lights hanging over the street, installation of a fire escape and the finishing touches being put on the theater front. Work is being done to the inside of the Car Dealership and Gas Station – set to open yet this season (stay tuned for details).  Here’s an aerial view from late July – enjoy! 

Main Street Construction Update

Project Update - July 2019
A great deal of progress has been made at our 1920s Main Street project.  All brick, block and stonework is now complete. The Gas Station should be turned over to our curators in one week to begin adding furniture and other artifacts to the buildings. Wooden beams are now in place at the Livery and wooden boards are being added to the walls. Contractors will soon begin to work on the sidewalks and the road. We hope you enjoy this aerial view of our Main Street Project! 

A Spectacular Aerial View!

Project Update - May 2019
We hope you enjoy this aerial view of the progress being made at our 1920s Main Street Construction site! With fencing in place, contractors are able to keep working even with the Historic Village open for the season. Walkways have been established to allow people to visit the relocated District 16 School and Doctors Office as well as the Barbershop, Depot and Bandstand that opened late last summer. We hope you enjoy this spectacular view of this amazing project!

A View From Above!

Project Update - Mid April 2019
The beautiful spring weather has allowed contractors to stay very busy working on the 1920 Main Street project! The cut stone is being installed on the bank facade and all floors have been poured in buildings on the east side of the street. The underground utilities are continually being worked on and the rerouting of the railroad track is almost complete. We hope you enjoy this drone footage of the 1920 construction site - such a fun view!

Construction Crew Busy This Spring

Project Update - Early April 2019
Construction crews have been busy building walls for the shops on both the east and west side of the 1920s Main Street. The floor of the Car Dealership/Gas Station was poured late last week and plans call for concrete to be poured this week for the floors of many other shops on the east side of the road. Enjoy the pictures!


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Interior & Exterior Wall Construction

Project Update - Early March 2019
Despite the cold weather, construction continues to progress on our 1920s Main Street project. With the aid of a make-shift Visqueen tent, cement blocks for the gas station/auto dealership are being laid inside the heated area. The East Building is taking shape while interior and exterior walls are now going up for the West Building which will include a soda shop, candy shop, speak easy, theater, grocery, dry goods and fire station. Supplies have been arriving for the re-routing of the train track, with work to begin soon. More updates will follow as the project progresses… stay tuned!


Walls Being Built!

Project Update - February 2019
If you drive by Sauder Village you’ve probably noticed a lot of work taking place at the 1920 Main Street site. The walls are going up for the Building on the east side of the Main Street which will plan to include a hardware store, jewelry store and bank. Construction is also continuing on the Livery at the south end of the Main Street. Here are a few pictures of the recent progress. Stay tuned for more updates as construction continues this winter!


Livery Taking Shape!

Project Update - January 2019
Contractors have been busy working on the Livery located at the south end of our 1920s Main Street Community. A bit of history . . . The Livery was an essential business, serving as a "parking garage and gas station" for farmer's horses when coming into town. It also provided a place to rent a buggy and had a blacksmith for necessary repair work and horse shoeing. While many families still used horses for transportation in the 1920s, a growing trend in affordable motorized vehicles would change the need for the traditional livery business within the decade.


School & Dr. McGuffin's Office on the Move

Project Update - December 2018
What an amazing site to see two historic buildings being moved down the road this morning! Our District 16 School and Dr. McGuffin’s Office were safely moved to our 1920s Main Street Community and will be placed on their foundations soon!


Construction Begins on Next Phase of 1920s Main Street Community


Project Update - December 2018

Sauder Village has begun work on Phase Two of the 1920s Main Street Community with contractors working on site preparation, building relocation and new construction to continue the replication of a 1920s Main Street typical to Northwest Ohio.

“Thanks to funding from the Ohio State Capital Appropriations and other generous supporters, steps to begin construction of Phase 2 of our 1920s Main Street Community are now possible,” shared Debbie Sauder David, President and CEO. “This phase will include moving of the District 16 School and Dr. McGuffin’s Office to their appropriate place along the timeline as well as constructing the foundations and exteriors of the east and west Main Street Buildings. A 1920s gas station and auto dealership is also being built.”

While funding has been secured to begin construction, partners are still needed to complete the project. 

“From a soda fountain, candy shop, theater and grocery store to a fire station, bank, hardware store and more . . . we are excited about our plans for the continued development of our 1920s Main Street Community,” shared Andy Brodbeck, Director of Development. “When you think about how generous people have been, it is truly humbling, and we are so grateful for all the needed support that continues to come in to help make this project a reality.”  

The Walk Through Time at Sauder Village has been developed over the past 16 years with the help of staff, volunteers, contractors, donors and capital funding. Guests can experience more than 120 years of Great Black Swamp history while traveling from Natives and Newcomers to Pioneer Settlement, The Grime Homestead, and soon even more of the 1920s.
“We continue to look for new ways to immerse guests in authentic experiences that make history relevant to our lives today,” Debbie David added. “We are excited to have contractors beginning their work on this project so that we can move forward with our plans to share even more unique demonstrations and hands-on experiences with our guests as our 1920s Main Street is developed over the next few years.”

Construction Continues This Summer

Project Update - June 2018

June was a busy month at the 1920 Main Street project. We’ve been pouring concrete, building ramps, putting up drywall, working on the bandstand, installing a clock tower and so much more! Visit our website to view a short video update of recent progress made during June!

Construction Continues This Spring


Project Update - April 2018

We began work on the Main Street project over the winter. The Main Street road is being constructed with the necessary water, sewer and electric lines in place for the project.

The Elmira Depot has been moved to its new location, the new Bandstand/Gazebo is being staked out and the foundation & floors have been poured for the new Barbershop and Restrooms.

We're looking forward to sharing the 1920s story in new and exciting ways. Plans are to open this new addition in late summer.



Elmira Depot on the Move

Project Update - January 2018

You don't see this every day… an old-time Train Depot jacked up and being moved to a new home (still at Sauder Village - no worries!) With the ground still quite frozen in mid-January, this building was moved to its new home at our developing 1920s Main Street Community!


Elmira Depot on the move
Elmira Depot moving in parking lot




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