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Farms and Gardens of Historic Sauder Village

Explore life on an Ohio Farm!

Farms and Gardens

Experience life on the farm as you get up close with farm animals, learn from our historic farmer and watch unique demonstrations like plowing, planting or goat milking (depending on the season)! While visiting the Stuckey Barn, the 1928 Barnyard area, and the new Livery, guests will see many farm animals including:

• Buggy Horse – Mark
• Draft Horses – Jo & Earl, Stevie & Bubby
• Dutch Belted Heifer – Mable
• Jersey Heifer – Mamie
• Merino Sheep
• Saanen Goats
• Spotted Poland China Pigs
• A variety of Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks & Geese

Farms & Gardens
Farms & Gardens

Guests can also wander through the gardens to see what’s growing in our gardens. There are many special flowers and gardens planted throughout the Historic Village. While visiting the gardens, you can see how plant types, gardening practices and garden styles changed through the years. The special garden located near the Herb Shop features a potpourri flower garden, culinary garden, dyer garden and medicinal garden. Popular in today’s gardens, a whimsical flower garden is on the walking paths and features Irish moss, mini Hostas, Sedum, Holy Mouse Ears, October Glory and Hens-n-Chicks. You can also take a nature walk through Natives & Newcomers to view many wild flowers and grasses native to that time period.

As you travel along the historic timeline, you'll find gardens that are featured as a walk through time from 1803 through 1928. There, you'll see the produce growing in the gardens and can step into one of the homes to learn how food was prepared through our historic cooking programs. Sauder Village has been cultivating its own heirloom gardening program since 1998. Across the complex, we've planted in our flower displays over 1,000 proven winners.



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