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Train or Horse-Drawn Buggy Ride at Sauder Village

Fun for all ages and families!

Erie Express Train

Train Ride: FREE for all guests with paid admission!
Buggy Ride: $2 per ride ($1 Member).

Taking a ride on the Erie Express Train or the horse-drawn carriage are highlights of a visit to Sauder Village!

Erie Express Train: 

Travel back in time on our Erie Express Train, a miniature replica of the original 1863 C.P. Huntington train that played such an important role in this country’s history. The train has five cars, including one that is wheelchair accessible. Ride on the Erie Express Train that is included with admission to the Historic Village. Guests can board the train at the Elmira Depot  (Building #39) at the 1920 Main Street. Catch a ride on our train! This fun-filled ride takes you around the perimeter of the Historic Village and stops at the Erie Express Train Station (Building #20). The train ride is not only fun, but also offers an easy way for guests to travel through the expanding “Walk Through Time” experience at Sauder Village!



Horse-drawn Carriage:

A relaxing ride in a horse-drawn carriage through Pioneer Settlement Area is always a highlight of a fun-filled day at Sauder Village! The carriage leaves from the buggy shed near the Holdeman Church (Building #29) and travels to Natives and Newcomers and then back past historic homes, the log school and jail.  Hours vary by day - please check at Admissions Desk for daily schedule.

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