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1920s Main Street


Second Phase of 1920s Main Street Community

Sauder Village has begun work on Phase Two of the 1920s Main Street Community with contractors working on site preparation, building relocation and new construction to continue the replication of a 1920s Main Street typical to Northwest Ohio.

Follow this link to learn more: 1920s Main Street Project Updates


NOW OPEN! First Phase of 1920s Main Street Community

Part of the “Walk Through Time Experience” at Sauder Village, this new project replicates a portion of a 1920s Main Street typical to Northwest Ohio.
Barbershop (Building # 36) - In the 1900s, the barbershop was one of the social centers of the community and provided a place to spruce up from your travels,  get a shave or a haircut. Modern public restrooms are included in this building.

Elmira Train Depot (Building # 37) - Trains first appeared in Northwest Ohio in the 1850s. This depot showcases the important role of the rail system.  The depot serves as a physical stop for the Erie ExpressTrain ride.

Community Plaza and Bandstand (Building # 38) - The community plaza and bandstand adjacent to the depot served as a sense of community pride. Original salvaged bricks from downtown Archbold were used to create the plaza at the depot. A traditional bandstand near the plaza will host special programming and events.

Caboose (Building # 39) - Once a vital part of the railroad, the caboose was the last car on the freight train and provided shelter for the crew.

Opening Spring 2019:
Livery (Building # 35) - The livery was an essential business, serving as a “parking garage and gas station” for farmers’ horses when coming into town. It also provided horses & buggies to rent when needed and a place for town residents to stable their horses.



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