1920s Main Street


NOW OPEN! First Phase of 1920s Main Street Community

Part of the “Walk Through Time Experience” at Sauder Village, this new project replicates a portion of a 1920s Main Street typical to Northwest Ohio.
Barbershop (Building # 36) - In the 1900s, the barbershop was one of the social centers of the community and provided a place to spruce up from your travels,  get a shave or a haircut. Modern public restrooms are included in this building.

Elmira Train Depot (Building # 37) - Trains first appeared in Northwest Ohio in the 1850s. This depot showcases the important role of the rail system.  The depot serves as a physical stop for the Erie ExpressTrain ride.

Community Plaza and Bandstand (Building # 38) - The community plaza and bandstand adjacent to the depot served as a sense of community pride. Original salvaged bricks from downtown Archbold were used to create the plaza at the depot. A traditional bandstand near the plaza will host special programming and events.

Caboose (Building # 39) - Once a vital part of the railroad, the caboose was the last car on the freight train and provided shelter for the crew.

Opening Spring 2019:
Livery (Building # 35) - The livery was an essential business, serving as a “parking garage and gas station” for farmers’ horses when coming into town. It also provided horses & buggies to rent when needed and a place for town residents to stable their horses.




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