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Little Pioneers Homestead

A special place for our youngest guests to explore!

Little Pioneers Homestead

Little Pioneers Homestead is a place for our youngest guests to “have a blast in the past” while exploring a cabin, barn and garden. Don’t forget your camera to capture special memories of your children or grandkids “playing pioneer."

Mary Ann’s Cabin: This adorable log cabin is stocked with child-sized furniture, dishes, pretend food and fireplace, toys and games. Some fun activities:

  • “Cook" up a meal in the kitchen with pretend food and fireplace.
  • Play with old-fashioned games or read a story.
  • Do the wash on a scrub board.
  • Try out the child-sized rope bed.

Miller Barn & Garden: While exploring the Miller Barn, children can learn about a self-sustaining farm of the 19th century as they "milk a cow" and play with the interactive exhibits that teach about farm animals.

  • Milk our replica Holstein cow.
  • Plant and pick flowers and vegetables (depending on the season).
  • Help gather eggs.
  • Learn about horseshoeing.
  • Learn about animal care.
  • Play on the child-sized farm wagon.
Cabin Little Pioneers Homestead
Cabin Little Pioneers Homestead
Milk Cow Little Pioneers Homestead


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