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Natives & Newcomers

Experience life in Ohio during the early 1800s.

Trading Post

At Natives & Newcomers, the first stop on our historic Walk Through Time, you'll learn what life was like for Native Americans in Ohio. Step back to 1803 and into the lives of the Native Americans and European traders who lived in this area at the time of Ohio’s statehood. Experience how they interacted with their environment, each other and the Europeans who were beginning to move into the region. Discover an important but little told chapter in American history through engaging demonstrations and hands-on activities (varies by day and season).

Wigwams Native American Village
Cooking Native American Village
  • Explore wigwams.
  • See traditional foods cooking over the open fire.
  • Help grind corn.
  • Watch (and maybe even try) Native American craft demonstrations such as twining and finger weaving.
  • Stop by the Trading Post to learn about early trade in this area. Be sure to check out all the furs!
  • Explore the historic gardens to learn about the "Three Sisters" and many other heritage vegetables and flowers.


Country Getaway

Plan a memorable getaway with great food, admission to Historic Village, and a relaxing stay at the Heritage Inn.

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