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Special Programs


Special Programs

Want to enhance your experience while at Sauder Village? Or maybe you are wanting to bring the Sauder Village experience to your classroom. We can help with that! 

  • The Education Team is able to provide additional programs. Through hands-on activities and interactive learning, we are able to make a more lasting and impactful experience for your students.
  • All programs must be booked in advance.
    For information, to check availability and to schedule your program today, contact the Education Department at 800-590-9755 or email at

nativesNatives & Newcomers (Off-site)

Join us as we explore the history of Ohio at the time of statehood (1803).  When hosting in your classroom/school, our interpreter comes dressed in woodland Native American clothing.  They will also have a wigwam and trade goods.  Students will have the opportunity to sit in and around the wigwam as they learn about daily life of the Native Americans and European fur traders that first settled these lands.  They will also be able to learn about traditional foods, farming techniques and explore the concept and practice of trade.  If time allows within the program, students may also help make a traditional cordage bracelet to take home.  



Pioneer Playtimes (On-site)

What kinds of toys and games did kids play in pioneer times? Through this program students get up and move while learning about activities of the past. Using primary sources and artifacts, students will understand how play incorporated the skills needed as an adult and how toys were made from resources available. 

Ohio Learning Standards met with Pioneer Playtimes

Special Program Notes:
  • Special Programs hosted at Sauder Village cost $75 per group (a group size being 25 students) with a discount for booking 2 or more groups at once. $75 for the group and then $1/student afterward.
  • Special Programs scheduled in your classroom are approximately 45 minutes long for a cost of $100 plus milage. To book this program for multiple classes, please contact Samantha Wyse at

Contact Samantha Wyse, Youth & Family Education Coordinator, Sauder Village, 1.800.590.9755 ext 3107 or email at