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Help Care for Your Favorite Farm Friends

farm friends
farm friends
farm friends

Do you enjoy coming to see the animals each season? Who is your favorite Farm Friend?

For most of us, Sauder Village is the one place where you can see a variety of farm animals up close in their traditional setting. It is always fun to experience the amazing size of the draft horses or the adorable new baby lambs and to learn something new about each of these important farm animals.

Join us during the season for more educational encounters with your Farm Friends than ever before. What better way to appreciate where our milk comes from than to watch a jersey cow being milked, or try your hand at milking a goat. Learn how horses are bred and trained to work on the farm. See chickens in various stages of growth and understand how eggs are produced and poultry is raised. There is so much to discover on the farm at Sauder Village!

Your gift, no matter the size, will help care for the . . . 

Draft Horses:  $2,400 (yearly), $200 (monthly), $50 (weekly)
Buggy Horse:  $650 (yearly),  $120 (monthly),  $30 (weekly)
Jersey Cows:  $1440 (yearly),  $100 (monthly),  $25 (weekly)
Pig:  $480 (yearly), $40 (monthly),  $10 (weekly)
Sheep or Goat $192 (yearly),  $16 (monthly),  $4  (weekly)
Poultry (chickens, ducks,or goose $72 (yearly),  $6 (monthly),  $1.50 (weekly)

With your support, our Farm Friends will provide educational experiences not typically available to most people. 

Giving is easy:

Click here to donate online!

Mail check payable to Sauder Village (PO Box 235, Archbold, OH 43502)

Call 419.446.2541

Contact: Sauder Village

Did You Know That . . .

It takes 2, 550 bales of hay each year to feed the horses, cows, sheep and goats (that's 191,250 pounds!)

Over 21,510 pounds of grain are needed every year for the horses, cows and poultry.

The animals consume 287 gallons of water every day.

Daily chores to care for the animals can take up to 4 hours each day (nearly 1,460 hours every year).

Veterinarians provide farm wellness checks 2 - 3 times every year for all the animals.

farm friends

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