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Sauder Village strives to help all visitors access and enjoy the wide variety of offerings around the historic village. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your upcoming visit. Thank you!

Wheelchair Accessibility

Sensory Bags, Sensory Room, Accessibility


Historic Village Social Story

A downloadable social story is available for families and guests that wish to learn more about their visit and what to expect before their arrival. Follow this link to the Social Story

Service Animals

All service animals are welcome throughout the Historic Village, compliant with the regulations set forth by ADA Title III.  Animals must be licensed and under the control of their handler (ex. on a leash).  Emotional support, therapy, or comfort animals are not permitted in the Historic Village.  Should an animal become unable to be controlled or cause the farm animals on site to become aggressive or agitated, the animal may be asked to move to another area or be excluded from inside the Historic Village.

Water spigots are available for visitors to use to get water for service animals.  These are located and accessible on the ground level near the family restroom at the museum building and at the Pioneer Settlement restroom south of the Stuckey barn.  An additional spigot is located on the east side of the Welcome Center, but stairs are required to access the spigot.  Please note that in order to prevent illness between animals, water bowls will not be provided at spigot locations.

Two animal waste stations are available throughout the Historic Village.  One is located to the east of the buggy shed at the Holdeman Church and another is located near across from the Grist Mill (building 19) in the grassy area behind the wood shed.  Please use the provided bags to clean up after your animal and dispose it properly.

Wheelchair / Scooter policy

We welcome visitors to bring their own wheelchairs or motorized scooters as needed.  Sauder Village has a limited number of wheelchairs available on a first-come, first-serve basis at no charge.  These can be reserved by calling 419-446-2541.  Most buildings are compliant with ADA accessibility regulations and either have a ramp or ground level entrance.

Rides Accessibility

The Erie Express train ride is ADA accessible.  The trolley and carriage rides require transfer from wheelchairs and scooters to the bench or seat.  The step to access the trolley is 11 inches off the ground with an additional 4-inch step onto the trolley.

Sensory Kits and Take a Break Space

Sensory kits are available to use during your visit and can be requested in the Welcome Center at the Visitor Services desk.  Kits include noise cancelling headphones, fidget toys, a communication board, etc.  A quiet room is also available on request for visitors.  Please see the visitor service desk attendant for more information.

Restroom Accessibility

All public restrooms in the Historic Village are ADA accessible and have child changing stations.  Restrooms are located in the Welcome Center, near the museum building, near the Harvesting building, near Little Pioneers Homestead, behind Okuley’s Barbershop, and adjacent to the Soda Fountain.   Family/gender neutral bathrooms are located in the Welcome Center, near the museum building, near the Harvesting building, behind Okuley’s Barbershop, and adjacent to the Soda Fountain.  An additional restroom is located near Little Pioneer's Homestead.

Water Stations

Drinking fountains are in the Welcome Center, outside the restrooms near the museum building, at the restrooms near Little Pioneers Homestead, and at the restrooms on the 1920 Mainstreet.  Water bottle refill stations are in the Welcome Center and at the restrooms on the 1920 Mainstreet.

Snack Locations and Dining

While in the Historic Village, drinks and snacks are available for purchase in the Museum Store within the Welcome Center and at the 1920 Soda Fountain.  Pepsi vending machines are located at the restrooms by Little Pioneers Homestead and behind/east of the Okuley Barber Shop. 

Sit-down dining is available at the Barn Restaurant outside of the Historic Village.  Small café type lunch items, such as hot dogs and hot sandwiches, are available for purchase in the 1920 Soda Fountain.  Visitors are also welcome to bring their own food and eat “picnic style” around the Historic Village.  Picnic tables are also available to use in the Historic Village.

Nursing Area

A private, comfortable designated nursing room is in the Welcome Center for nursing mothers to use as needed.  Nursing mothers are also welcome to breastfeed their children in a place of their choosing throughout the Historic Village.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking for the Historic Village is located immediately outside the Welcome Center and is available on a first-come, first served basis.  There is additional accessible parking east and south of the Barn Restaurant.  Accessible parking is also located west of Founder’s Hall when select special events permit entry to the Historic Village through Founder’s Hall.  Visitors may also be dropped off from vehicles in front of the Welcome Center.

First Aid

First Aid is available in the Welcome Center and select buildings throughout the Historic Village..  Please see the closest staff member or the Visitor Services attendant for assistance.

Accessible Routes

Pathways throughout the Historic Village are concrete, brick, or fine natural stone.  These may be affected by weather such as wind, rain, and snow and may also be dusty.  When dry, fine stone pathways can easily be maneuvered by wheelchairs or strollers.  These pathways may become more difficult to navigate when wet but are still passable.  A courtesy shuttle is also available on select days to transport visitors to specific locations.