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Share your time and talents at Sauder Village.

Looking for a way to connect with others, stay active with fun, fulfilling experiences, and give back to the community? Joining the Sauder Village family of volunteers may just be for you!

What began as one man’s passion is an exciting mission that continues today with the help of a team of more than 400 adult and 200 youth volunteers, who donate more than 18,000 hours of service to Sauder Village each season. Whether you are age 10 or age 90, there are opportunities to be involved and support Sauder Village, Ohio’s largest living-history destination.

Contact us now about how you can become part of the Sauder Village experience, where guests of all ages can unplug, slow down and spend quality time together learning about the history and values that shaped Northwest Ohio. Your involvement can make an important difference. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

Adult Volunteers: Ask for our Volunteer Coordinator at 419-446-2541 or via e-mail at

Youth Volunteers (ages 12-16): Ask for our Youth & Family Education Coordinator at 419-446-2541 or via e-mail at

Volunteer Quilter Sauder Village
Junior Historian
Grime Homestead