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Adult Volunteers


Operating Historic Sauder Village is a labor-intensive undertaking. Your involvement as an adult volunteer has a big impact on keeping Sauder Village viable and affordable for guests who come from throughout the region and around the world. Whether you want to interact with visitors in the Historic Village, assist with hands-on activities on special event days or provide helping hands for behind-the-scenes work, each serves an important function that keeps the Sauder Village mission alive and well. Your contributions as a volunteer make an important difference!

Along with the rewards of sharing your gifts of time and talent, you can feel good knowing that each and every dollar saved through volunteer time contributed directly supports the educational mission of Sauder Village. If you are able to serve on a regularly scheduled basis, you may qualify to receive complimentary membership, discounts and other benefits.

Without the contributions of volunteers in our local communities, our region could suffer the loss of a historical and cultural treasure that impacts so many. Call today to learn how you can make a difference by joining the Sauder Village Family of Volunteers, or complete the application form, and we’ll be in touch to explore the possibilities.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 419-446-2541 or via e-mail at


Volunteer Position Descriptions

Doughbox Bakery
Volunteers work at the Doughbox bakery frosting our delicious cookies or by helping serve our guest.  

Historic Interpreter
Historic Interpreters may staff any of our historical buildings. These positions require our volunteers to be in costume and learn the historical material for the specific location. 

Throughout the season volunteers play instruments on the front porch of our historic buildings. During our annual quilt show in Founders Hall, volunteer pianists play the grand piano throughout each day of the show.  Instruments are taken into consideration for other events or festivals. 

Office Clerical
Throughout the year the Village has large mailings that our Volunteers assist with including labeling postcards, or folding and stuffing letters into the envelope and labeling. These tasks are done in the Welcome Center. 

Collections Department
Volunteers can work with our Curator of Collections in a variety of tasks; researching, cleaning, storing and inventory of historic objects.  We also utilize volunteers to assist with construction and development of various exhibits. Physical requirements include the ability to lift 25+ lbs., standing, kneeling, bending, and attention to detail.  Oral history transcription, research and writing experience a plus.  

Skilled Craftsmen and women are able to volunteer in several of our craft buildings. During certain events, volunteers demonstrate historic crafts throughout the Sauder Village complex.

Various retail areas are available for volunteers to work at the Village. Volunteers in the Gift Shop, Candy Store and General Store are there to assist guest and ring up sales. Another opportunity to work retail is our quilt shop, Threads of Tradition. 

Food Service
During peak times of the season, volunteers are need to help in the Café clearing tables and washing dishes.  In the Ice Cream Parlor volunteers are needed for running the cash register and scooping ice cream.

During the season, volunteers are utilized in the Café and Soda Fountain serving food, scooping ice cream and running the cash register.

Historic Gardening
Volunteer gardeners are needed throughout the season to help maintain our beautiful landscape and gardens.  

Historic Farming
Working with our historic farming staff, volunteers are used throughout the calendar year caring for livestock, assisting in agriculture operations and providing historical interpretation. This volunteer position requires a costume. 

Special Events
Volunteers are needed to assist at various festival events during the season. This includes helping with crafts, activities, guests, other staff and Youth Volunteers. The tasks vary depending on the festival event.